Keystone is currently being used for the Gateway Curriculum which launched in 2020.

Which courses are being taught in Keystone?

The MD Program Gateway Curriculum will be offered via the Keystone platform.

How do students gain access to Keystone?

Student accounts are automatically created via OASIS, the MD Program’s student information system.

Students are typically enrolled in courses no later than seven days prior to each course start date based on course registration in OASIS.

If you believe you should be able to login to Keystone (or access a particular course), please contact for troubleshooting and appropriate escalation.

Where can I find additional help on Keystone?

Once logged into Keystone, look under Communities > Learning & Teaching for the Student Commons. You will find Keystone Guides as well as Frequently Asked Questions within this community.

How can I easily report a suspected bug or technical issue with Keystone?

Once logged into Keystone, look for the Keystone Feedback box on the bottom left of each top-level page (like Dashboard, Events, etc.). This sends information on your browser session as well as where in the system you reported the bug/issue to ETIU.

Keystone Help

Keystone is supported by the School of Medicine’s Educational Technology & Innovation Unit.